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8 Innovative and Approved Hacks To Yoga and Depression

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Facing the world, every day we struggle for making our life better and also for our family. There is a huge competition among the people.  We all are a competitor for each other.

There are different types of competition. Like in education there is a huge student increasing day by day. In the job sector, an unbelievable number of candidates is everywhere. So in this competition for standing as a successful man one-third of people get a chance.  And most people are failed.

This failure results in depression which destroys our life and makes us aimless. But we need to remind that we cannot be depressed. We need to fight with our depression.

So what is depression?

Depression is something like that when we feel sad, fail in every step of life and think that we are unable to succeed in life, which time we feel that all things go wrong in life. When we depressed in our life we think that now we cannot do anything.

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So what can we do for removing depression and make our mind fresh and stable? But at first we need to know the signs of depression:

• We feel useless and convicted daily.
• We are getting less concentrate.
• Day by day our activities in our daily life are decreased.
• We are not interested in gossiping, outing and also enjoying our life.
• Day by we are getting sick and unstable by body and mind.

Causes of depression-like:

• Failure in any competition can occur in depression.

• Sometimes body growth from children to a young stage can also cause depression for hormonal fluctuation.

• Sometimes family problems also can cause depression.

So here we now discuss that yoga and depression are related to each other.

In yoga and depression discussion, yoga is a practice of body exercise that helps us in different ways. Yoga helps us to maintain our body work properly. It helps us in both body fitness and also makes refresh our mind.

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Effectively yoga helps to decrease our depression and improve our health structure. It also improves our minds to be self-dependent man. People are now aware of their health. And they Practice exercise in the gym or yoga center.

Yoga helps in killing depression

In our lifestyle, we are facing many things that may be good or bad. These entire things mix together and create an odd situation in our life. Different yoga poses have a different impact on our health. How can it work?

  • Yoga can reduce stress problems.
  • It helps us to fight with depression and anxiety.
  • It increases our stability and also increases energy.
  • Also, help us make our minds fresh.

As it helps in a different way people need to practice it to manage:

  • The emotional problem that results in depression, stress or anxiety.
  •  The body pain like- back pain, gut pain, etc.
  •  For proper blood circulation and
  • For health and well-being.
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Different poses for removing depression

During practice, there are different moves that can found, that affect our body differently. So we need to know the poses that help us to refresh our mind, help to remove depression and also anxiety. So what are the poses? We are now discussed and learn about yoga and depression or the moves or poses of yoga for depression.

1.    Dog pose facing downward: In this style, you need to lay on your stomach and then straight your leg. Make you hip-high vertically and down your upper body of hip meaning down your chest and back. Straight your arms and also spread it well your hand. Hold in this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute and take breathe deeply.

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          a. Effect: When we practice this pose so it helps us to release anxiety and also we get energy in the body.

2.     Seated Forward Bend to Plow Pose and halasana: When one practices halasana yoga for depression, he or she should remind something important. If you are pregnant, having neck pain, menstruating time. In this time this pose is not suitable. You can ignore it.

           a.    In this pose, you need to sit and your leg must be straight. Take your hand near the knee and put the head here. Take a deep breath.

           b.    Effect of halasana: Improve in removing the loss of hope and also anxiety, make you fresher.

           c.    Seated forward bend to plow pose, in this step you need to take back your body. So firstly lie down and take the body of under hip to the above of your head. Spillover your hand to meet the leg. And hold the leg for supporting the pose. If it seems difficult then do for 10 to 15 times.

           d.    The effect is the same as halasana for yoga and depression.

3.    Again, the dog poses facing downward is continuing.

4.    Wide-Angle Standing Forward Bend: First need a chair and put the mat on the chair. Then lie on the chair and the must be enough far from the wall so that your leg can well be organized to push the wall. Take your head backward and quietly take breathe for a minute.

           a.    Effect of the pose: It may help the increasing spirit and animate the body also.

5.    Upward-Facing flexion Pose: Some difficulties to do it can be faced. A place near the wall needs to select. Backward the body belly side. Raise the hip and straight the hand. Place the hand near the wall. Stay for 3 to 5 second and if you can’t, then do for a short time. Repeat for 2 to 5 times.

flexion Pose

               a.    Effect: It improves the nervous system and also increases the blood circulation.

6.    Child’s moves: Here sit on your knees and well settled your toes. Lie on your knee when you sitting. Then spread the hand straightly toward the head. Rest your head for some time.

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               a.    Effect: It releases the spinal muscle backbends and helps to calm the nervous system.

7.    Shoulder stand: Doubled your blanket supporting your neck and shoulder. Straight your body and take above in the air. And for the good stands use the hands in your hip so you are not getting pressure. And if you have neck problems ignore this pose. Repeat it for few times.

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               a.    Effect: Remove our irritation and help in improving the nerve system.

8.    Again repeat the plow pose or halasana: When one practices these poses for removing depression it definitely helps you. Daily practice needed for better results. Yoga and depression need to research in a better way because depression makes a man unable to gain his or her dream.

What gives a positive result in yoga?

Ø  If you practice a daily basis it gives a better result.

Ø  Better concentration for better benefits.

Ø  There are many types of poses for different levels.

The problem that creates:

Ø  It is difficult for beginners.

Ø  Not so much comfortable. It seems hard to do.

Ø  It may be expensive.

For better treatment, you also need to go for a better consultation. And if you facing difficulties in doing these poses then you can go to yoga studios so it may be easy for you.

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