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Focus on Tested Natural Beauty Secret for Healthy Skin

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Is it possible to overcome the skin problem by natural beauty secret? If you want the answer, it is definitely ‘yes’. Although natural beauty secrets are slow to process and give the result with much time, it has no side effect yet.

Natural beauty secret means that you continue your skincare with the natural touch of raw ingredients. So which has no bad impact on our skin and we can get flawless younger skin for a long time.

Today there are many beauty specialists; we can see who gives the beauty tips about the natural home remedies. But face care and full-body skincare tips are not the same. But mostly our face care is most important to us. Because of other body skin, face skin is more sensitive and the problem shows quickly.

So these two parts of skin one face and another other is skin like- hand, foot, neck, etc. are treated differently. Face skin is thinner than other body skin, so it needs more care than others.

natural beauty secret

In this modern world, most of the girls use different cosmetics to get more beautiful. But in this use, most are using chemical-based product which is found in the market. These chemical-based creams, masks, makeup kits are so harmful to our skin. If we using any beauty product we need to know about its ingredients and the brand. Try to use good and popular brand cosmetics that do not harm so much. But doctors suggest that don’t use chemical-based cosmetics, try to ignore those.

The basic care when we go out:

Natural beauty secret needs to practice at home but every day we are going outside for any reason. So some routine we need to follow for reducing the risk of skin from outside pollution. The world pollution is increasing day by day rapidly, that is not good for our health and beauty.

We can reduce the increasing damage that we face every day. For getting relief from such a problem we have to smarter and use necessary things that help us to maintain our good health and skin.

  • On sunny days, we need to use an umbrella and can wear light dresses. So, we can save from the sun’s heat and also not feel so uncomfortable.

  • Doctors say that the sun’s heat takes much Radiation like UV radiation that results in cancer in our skin. So, we need to protect our skin from the sun by using an umbrella or wearing full sleeve dresses.
basic care when we go out
  • We need to use branded UV protector like SPF 15 lotion, cream for body and face. So it helps for a few hours so that the sun cannot damage our skin anymore.

  • Drink more water so that you can reduce the hydration during more hot in summer.

  • In winter, use moisturizer for skin protecting from dryness. Because in winter season our skin getting drier so we need the hydration for our skin.

There are different types of skin we can see. Different skin problem has a different solution. So firstly we need to know the skin type that we see in the world.

Normal Skin: This type of skin suffers less from any type of problem. But need to take care of the skin.

Oily Skin: This skin type people suffer more. In oily skin, face dirt is more than another skin type. So it occurs more severe problems like pimple problem, pores problem. So this pimple problem reduces your healthy lifestyle.

Dry Skin: In this type of skin people suffer from dryness of their skin. Dryness takes all the beauty of your skin. Make your skin dull and you are not confident in your life.

Combination Skin: This type of skin suffers from both dry and oil problems at a different time with a season basis. So they need more care for their skin.

Food tips for healthy skin:

For leading a better life our health is the first priority. There are many parts of our health that need to take under care. All over good health means that we can lead a good life. Healthy food needs to us so that our whole body can act in a positive way. Our health system mostly depends on the foods that we consuming.

Therefore, we all expect better skin mostly people worried about their facial skin. If we face problems all the time about our skin it makes us weak from our internal confidence and we fail in many battles in our life.

Hence healthy food means green vegetables, meats, fruits and vitamins that need healthy skin. Do we know which food helps most to make our skin beautiful from inner?

An unhealthy diet destroys our skin gradually. So there we mention some food that suggested by doctors:


These are mostly enriching with vitamins, minerals, etc. Most people do not take fruits daily. But it is most important for us to eat good fruits that help us to maintain fair and glowing skin. Some fruits are enriching with healthy fats that need to maintain healthy skin.

  • Apple- it has some antioxidant properties that help us from skin damage problems. Doctors told that it has an elastic property, which helps our skin to be younger.
  • Blueberries- it also supports our skin with the vital vitamins that help to glow our skin.
  • Guava- A common fruits that we eat and found everywhere. But it helps so much for healthy skin.
  • Orange- It enriches with vitamin C that helps so much to repair our skin damage and also helps to control oily skin.
  • Strawberries
  • Papayas
  • Kiwi fruits, etc.

So different fruits we can see in the market that is so much helpful for our healthy skin.


Vegetables also include many diverse vitamins and minerals. It helps so much that we cannot imagine. Huge categories of we can find out that can help much too good skin. Some vegetables are mention below:

  • Spinach- It is so much popular to us and rich in vitamins and also contains water that hydrates our skin and also helps to glow from inner.
  • Cucumber- This is enriched with more water and contains silica that helps so much for better skin.
natural healthy skin
  • Tomato- It is another food that we use in curry and in salad items. More water contains that also hydrates our skin.
  • Carrots- take as fruit or a vegetable. It contains high beta carotene that helps our skin to destroy UV rays that absorbed by the skin.
  • Bell peppers- help our skin to nourish it and heal the wound of any skin damage.
  • Cabbage- It helps also to nourish our skin and also heal it. It supports to minimize the radiance that destroys our skin cells.


Mainly we get proteins from many sectors. It helps our body in a different way and that ultimately helps to maintain good skin. It helps to balance our hormones that lead to good skin. It also slows down the aging process that stays us younger. Some foods that provide high protein features.

  • Meat- Chickens, Cows, Goats, etc. gives us high protein included meat. That helps us to maintain good skin and help to repair the damages.
  • Milk- Highly riches with proteins and vitamins that most popularly used for skin and for good health. It helps to increase our immune system.
natural healthy skin
  • Eggs– Most popular with us and we used to eat it daily in breakfast mostly. Help our skin to be healthy.
  • Yogurt- It also a product that converts from food but it helps so much to maintain good health.
  • Fish- From meat, it is better for the skin and body. Like salmonella fish that rich with good proteins and fats that increase our skin beauty.


Most people can see they are not given importance to their daily food. But for better skin, we need to eat good food. And follow a healthy diet that helps to maintain our body fitness and also helps to maintain good skin.


Natural beauty secret ingredients for healthy skin:


As we know all people mostly girls are more conscious about their skin. They use many cosmetics that include diverse chemicals and damage the skin. So we can practice many beauty secrets that can practice naturally and not damage our skin. Though natural practice for face care is a slow process it is safer from the market products.

natural healthy skin

1. Rose Water: It uses in various ways for skincare. It nourishes the skin and makes it glow. It also uses as tonner. It can apply by spray bottle or mix with another ingredient. Like fuller earth clay, sandalwood powder, etc. are mixed with rose water and apply to skin. Rose powder also can found that help so much to give a pinkish glow.

2. Fuller earth clay: It helps the skin to tighten it and also clean the skin deeply. It helps to minimize the pores. Its uses by making a mixture of water and powder or rose water with the clay that gives smooth dough. Apply to face and wait until it dry and then wash it.

3.Yogurt: It is so much helpful for our skin. It helps to glow and smooth our skin. It can use with clays, turmeric powder, etc.

natural healthy skin

4. Oatmeal: It can use by grinding it and use as a scrubber for extra cleaning and also helps to remove dead cells from face. Mix it with honey and scrub into your face smoothly and wash it.

natural healthy skin

5. Honey: So much popular and effective ingredient that helps to nourish our skin. It moisturizes our skin and helps make the skin glow. It can use with clays, sandalwood powder as a pack. It also can use sugar as a scrubber. Or can singly use it. Apply it to face and leave it overnight. That makes your face glow, smooth and fresh.

natural healthy skin

6. Sandalwood powder- It is used for beauty practice. It helps to clean our skin and tighten it and also glow the skin. It can use with honey, rose water, yogurt, etc.

7. Olive oil- It helps our skin from extra dryness. And also help to remove the spots from our face. It makes our skin healthy. It also removes stretch marks from our bodies.

natural healthy skin

8. Egg: It is broadly used in different sectors. Eggs white help reduce oil from the skin. And make the skin tight. Eggs yolk also uses for dry skin for extra moisturizer. It mixed with honey, lemon, etc.

9. Potato: It helps to remove the mark or spots that create from the pimple. Potato juice is mainly used for skincare mainly.

10. Tomato- Its juice uses to remove the sunburn or suntan from the face. So it is very helpful for our skin it can use with honey or with clays.

11. Green tea- It can use to remove the dirk circle from under the eyes. That produces from a late-night sleeping. So when you use to drink green tea then the tea bag needs to cool and close your eyes and put on eyes.

12. Vitamin E capsule It helps to nourish and make healthy our skin. It helps both oily and dry skin. And give an extra glow to our skin also. One can apply it with Aloe Vera, yogurt and also with other ingredients. It also can use in nails so that it can help to maintain the nail moisturizer.

natural healthy skin

13. Aloe Vera- It is one of the most effective raw materials that help to keep our skin glow and healthy-looking. It helps to remove dark circles. It can use without anything. There are different effective remedies we can found that it helps in a different way. One can use it with sandalwood powder, yogurt, fuller earth, etc.

 14. Coconut- Coconut helps in many ways. If you want to know the beauty tips for face at home, so should know that beauty specialists prefer coconut water and milk for face and skin. It moisturizes our skin and helps to remove darkness.

 15. Turmeric powder- From hundred years ago turmeric is ingredients that use for skincare. It is one of the best face care ingredient that helps our skin free from pimple and pimple mask. It also brightens our skin. It is most feasible when they use raw milk, honey, rose water. It needs to grind before using it.

natural healthy skin

16. Tea tree oil- It helps to remove the pimple and the spots from the face. Also, help to reduce hair fall. It has antimicrobial properties that help to destroy the bacteria which are responsible for pimple..

17. Rice- We all know about it. Most of the people used to eat rice for lunch and dinner. But most do not know that it also helps to make or skin young. Rice water helps to make skin glow and younger. Rice powder can use for scrubbing and also for a face pack that cleans our skin deeply.


Above all the ingredients are inexpensive and available everywhere. So it makes easy to take care of your face and hair. But all skin is not reacting as in the same way with all-natural ingredients. Because many people have allergenic problems, so natural ingredients some time not preferable for all skin. For better result take a prescription from the doctor what type of skin you have and what is more preferable for you.

Some basic dictation for better skin:

Continuously we use many things for our skin, but we do not get the proper result at all. Do you know why? It’s because we pass our day in an unhygienic way. So we trying for a long time to make good our skin but we didn’t get accurate results.

Beauty specialists and also doctors tell some way that needs to follow. When we properly follow the ways then we can reduce our skin problem.

natural healthy skin
  • Using the same towel for your face and body is not hygienic. Use a soft towel for face. Do not use a rough towel that can result of harsh your skin.
  • Do not touch your face with hands so much. Because All day long we used to do many things with hands and your hands are getting unhygienic. So if you touch your face with unhygienic hands so bacteria can reach your face and harm it.
  • Drink more water that helps to reduce pimple problems.
  • Should not use face wash more than two times.
  • Use sunscreen also at night.
  • Avoid junk food, because it tends to increase the pimple problem also.
  • Use more fruits and vegetables that are enriched with vitamins and minerals.


At least we can say that if anyone follows the steps of caring for the skin definite he or she can get healthy, beautiful and flawless skin easily. Wherefore skins are the most sensitive area and a focal point of man and woman it definitely needs extra care. I think you like these skincare natural beauty secrets; try to follow it for more success in your life.

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