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18 Proven Methods For Weight Loss Aerobic Exercises

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This can be said that people used to hover into the gym for three basic reasons. Firstly, to reduce their weight, Secondly, to kill extra fat from their body and thirdly to burn calories. Having said that, to maintain the routinized workout in their daily life, most of them can’t make it happen due to other social engagement.

Aerobic exercise is a process to burn your fat from the body to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is pragmatically observed that the person is doing this exercise can be found visible improvement with a month.

There are few notes that you must take down to know the benefits of it:

  • Get rid of Depression & Anxiety
  • Improvisation of the Stamina
  • Strengthening your Cardiovascular system
  • Boosting up Energy and
  • Reduce Weight

Out of many other processes for Aerobic Exercises, the most 18 proven methods are illustrating below for your reference that will assist your fitness journey to the next level. To know more about reducing belly fat, you may visit here.

18 Aerobic Exercises for weight loss:

1. Skipping:

In accordance with the recent study, it has been proved that the person is doing skipping for about 45 minutes can result in the best fat burning up to 450 calories.

The impacts of this process will improvise on 4 parts of your body are as follows:

  • Shoulders
  • Quads
  • Calves and
  • Glutes

The Process of doing this practice:

Stand with your feet up to shoulder height and grip the rope firmly. Start swing the rope atop of the head and jump over the rope as fast as you can. It might take a bit of time to be familiar with the process and once you are okay with this process, try to keep it continue as faster as you can.

2. Jump Forward Jogs:

Stand with your feet up to your hip and bend your knees straight forward. Then start to swing your arm from behind to forward, take a long leap and land gently with your toes. Then start doing reverse leap and land to the position you started.

3. Jumping Jacks:

Jumping Jack process is mainly giving you direct impact on the quad and general support to your thigh, calves, groin, abs, shoulder, lower and upper back.

The process to do this exercise is as follows:

  • Stand straight with your feet and keep your hands close to thighs.
  • Then jump up and spread your feet sideways.
  • While you are jumping, keep your hands above your head concurrently.
  • And jump back again to the normal position you’ve started.

Keep jumping for 30 minutes that will help you shed 200 calories. In fact, you should not keep it doing continuously due to the monotonous process that may lead to feeling challenging.


Breakdown the total process into 3 different rounds. Each round can be segregated into 10 minutes and in between each round, you may take 5 minutes break.

4. Sprinters Sit-Ups:

This Sprinters Sit Process is another unique pose that will help your body to shape up along with reducing weight and extra fat from your belly.

The process starts as below:

  • Lie down straight back to the even surface.
  • Keep your feet comfortably close to each other.
  • Pull back your right feet and start your upper body rise up till your chest hit to your right thigh.
  • Bend your right arm till half and push forward.
  • Bend your left arm till half and pull backwards.
  • Then lie down again and go back to the starting position.
  • Now start doing it again from your left feet up, upper body rise, left arm forward, right arm back as you did before.

5. Jumping Lunges:

Jumping lunges exercise mainly used to focus on your butt, thighs and energize overall cardiovascular system to maintain a healthy living.

The process of doing this exercise is as follows:

  • Stand on a flat surface.
  • Step any of your one foot back as far as possible and bend your knees until it touches to the ground.
  • The other leg keeps bending and the thigh should be in the horizontal position of the ground.
  • Bend your arm till half and the posture of each arm should be in the opposite direction compared to your feet. For example, left feet backwards and right arm forward left arm backwards. Then, right feet in the backward and left arm is forward, right arm backwards.
  • Jump and switch your direction, back to the normal position and keep doing it for 60 times.
  • You can make three slots and each slot will consist of 20 times as discussed.
  • In between each slot you can take 2 minutes to break if you feel it’s too challenging.

6. Stair Training:

The stair training exercise is a perfect process to get a gentle improvement for your cardiovascular system. Apart from that, it will impact onto 4 main part of your body namely calves, glutes, hamstrings & quads.

The sequence of doing this practice are as follows:

  • Climb up the stairs and get down to the place you had started.
  • Continue this up to 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Maintain your move steady.
  • Gradually once you are becoming comfortable with that, start increasing the time up to 30 minutes.
  • Simultaneously, increase your movement speed to a faster rate.

7. Butt Kicks:

This butt kick exercise mainly impacts on glutes and hamstrings. One of the easiest process to keep you healthy.

The steps for doing this practice are as follows:

  • Stand straight to a flat surface.
  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend you both arms towards the side.
  • Start bending your right feet till the right to touches to your butt.
  • Now do the same process from your left feet.
  • Both cases, keep your arms bending towards the side.

8. Mountain Climbing:

This mountain climbing process will mainly impact to your abs, hips, legs and glutes.

Steps of doing this exercise are as simple as stated below:

  • Get yourself to the posture of mountain climbing.
  • You both palms must have a firm grip to the ground.
  • Your both toes will keep touching to the ground with a comfortable or shoulder-width position.
  • Your face will be straight looking forward.
  • Now, start bending your right knee up to the middle of your stomach.
  • Release back to the initial position and start doing again from your left knee.
  • Try to keep your back straight and low.
  • Keep switching over as quick as possible.
  • Do this process for 30 seconds to 1 minute on each set.
  • You can do 2 to 3 sets per schedule.

9. Bear Crawls:

By doing this bear crawl exercise, firstly it will help your muscle tone, secondly improves your metabolism system and last but not least it impacts on your cardiovascular health.

The process of doing this exercise is as follows:

  • Get down with your legs and hands.
  • Bend your leg a bit and keep your back flat.
  • Start moving with you right feet and right hand forward and followed by the left leg and left hand. This right and left movement completeness are called one repetition.
  • Each set consists of 15 to 50 repetitions.
  • Practice 2 to 3 sets for each schedule.

10. Squat Jack:

This squat jack exercise will pragmatically assist your total body posture and improve the lower part of the body.

The easiest process of doing this exercise is stating below:

  • Stand up with your leg, keep close and bend a bit.
  • Keep your back straight and grip your hands to each other with half bending.
  • Jump up, spread your leg alongside and land with your toe.
  • Again, jump up and back to normal position while your hands remain gripped together. This is called a complete repetition.
  • Do this 15 – 20 repetition on each set.
  • Complete 2 – 3 repetitions per schedule.

11. Flutter Kick:

If you are conscious about your waistline then this practice is perfect for you. In addition, it will concentrate on your abdominal muscle.

To start with, you need to lie down backwards on an even surface. You can place your hands tucked at the back to give gentle support. Now lift up your legs upward perpendicular to the ground. Then, start kicking up and bend your knees almost touching to your stomach.


This up and down will be considered one repetition. Do this 15 – 20 repetitions on each set. You can do 2 – 3 sets per schedule.

12. High Knees:

Stand on your leg and keep a shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands holding to your waist. Lift up your right knee until your waist height and bring down. Then start lifting your left knee and bring down. Till this process is a completion of one repetition.


Keep doing 14 – 20 repetitions per set and complete 2 – 3 set per schedule.

13. Corkscrew:

Corkscrew exercise mainly impacts on your abs and oblique. To do this simple technique, you need to lie on your back and keep your leg close. Keep your hands tucked to your butt. Now, lift up your legs together perpendicularly to the ground and remain close to each other.


Then, start rotating your legs clockwise for 10 rounds and reverse rotating for 10 rounds. Till here it counts one set. Do 2 – 3 sets per schedule.

14. Skaters:

This exercise will boost up coordination and balancing of your whole body. Meanwhile, it will strengthen your cardiovascular system to maintain good health.

The process is so simple. Just follow the steps mentioning below:

  • Stand on your feet and keep a shoulder-width.
  • Lean forward and jump on your right side, bring your left feet & left arm backwards and push your right arm forward.
  • Now do it in opposite direction, jump on your left side, bring you right feet & arm backwards and push your left arm forward.
  • Till here you complete a single repetition.
  • Keep 15 – 20 repetition in each set.
  • Do 2 to 3 set on each schedule.

15. Burpees:

Burpees is a process of exercise that will impact your overall body functioning. Mainly it will boost up your cardiovascular, strengthening and flexibility, increases blood circulation throughout the body and enhance heart rate.

To do this Burpees, just follow few steps mentioning below:

  • Stand with your feet in shoulder-width apart.
  • Get yourself in a squat position.
  • Place your palms to the ground and stretch your feet backwards.
  • Immediately jump back to the squat position.
  • Practice 3 to 5 sets of 15 to 20 repetition per schedule.

16. Inchworm:

Inchworm is an overall exercise that impacts your whole body and best known warm-up process. Doing this inchworm process, it mainly concentrates your arm, chest, upper and lower back and abs.

The process is as follows:

  • Stand with your feet on shoulder-width apart and bend at your waist.
  • Place your palms to the ground until your back gives you a plank position.
  • Start walking forward with your hands and maintain your back at plank position.
  • Walk back with your hands until it touches to your toe.
  • Walk with your hands forward again.
  • Keep practising it 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetition on each schedule.

17. Donkey Kicks:

Donkey kicks mainly used to impact on glutes and hips. The process is very simple but very effective.

To start with, get down with your knees and hands touches to the ground. Keep your knees straight down to your waist. Keep your back in a plank position. Now, kick with your left feet backwards and bring back to the starting position. Now kick back with your right feet.

Do these 10 to 15 repetitions of 2 to 3 sets per schedule.

18. Plank Jacks:

Plank Jack is a perfect process to warm up throughout your body and it gives gentle support to reduce back pain.

To do this process, you need to position yourself as you do in push up. Now hop your feet sideways as much as you can to meet comfortably. Then hop your feet back to the closed position.

Do these 10 to 15 repetitions of 2 to 3 sets per schedule.

To Recapitulate, the processes stated above can be considered the easiest exercises that will help you reducing weight through aerobic exercises. the best part of these aerobic exercises is you got nothing much to depend on any tools that might be cost-effective. just like you are losing your weight organically without having any single side effects that can be found of taking any drugs like many people do and they end up with a very unpleasant living.

So, aerobic exercise to lose weight is perfectly designed any of your convenient time throughout the day.

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